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Lagrange is like a Swiss army knife, a synthesizer with many different types of oscillators and noise generators to choose from. Unlike synthesizers that require detailed adjustment of multiple parameters to create a sound, Lagrange hides its adjustments behind algorithms created for different categories of tones, making it easy to create a sound.


  • Because the details of sound creation are hidden in the algorithm, fine-tuning of tones may not be possible.
  • This product is compatible with iPads and iPhones, but not compatible with Apple Silicon Macs.
  • This product mainly contains basic presets that are useful as a starting point for sound creation. Please note that there are no huge amount of presets. Enjoy making sounds.


Synthesizer Engine

  • 2x Oscillators
  • Noise Generator
  • 2x Filters
  • Amplifier
  • Delay
  • 8x Envelope Generators
  • 2x LFOs

You can choose from the following routings to connect the modules.

O: Oscillator, N: Noise Generator, F: Filter, A: Amplifier

Oscillator Models

You can see the difference in sound by algorithm in the video at the following link.
arrow_forward VIDEO: Oscillator Algorithms

Noise Generator Models

You can see the difference in sound by algorithm in the video at the following link.

arrow_forward VIDEO: Noise Algorithms

Filter Models

Universal App

Compatible with iPad and iPhone, it has multiple screen layouts optimized for different screen sizes.

Multiple layout UIs that are resizable and optimized for different screen sizes

Audio Unit Extension (AUv3)

You can use this AUv3 Plug-In in a host application that supports Audio Unit Extension (AUv3).



You can stream live audio directly to any Audiobus compatible application. See for details.

Ableton Link

Ableton Link

It is possible to synchronize tempo and timing not only with applications that support Ableton Link running on the same device but also with applications running on other devices via the local network. In addition to iOS apps, you can also sync with compatible applications on Mac/PC, such as Ableton Live and TRAKTOR. See for more information.


  • MIDI Input
    • Core MIDI
    • Bluetooth MIDI
    • Virtual MIDI
    • Inter-App Audio MIDI
  • MIDI Clock synchronization
  • MIDI Controller Mapping

Programmable Arpeggiator

You can easily create your own pattern.

Master Tune

You can adjust the pitch of the entire instrument.


You can change the equal temperament tuning scale to a different tuning.

Preset sharing

You can share your presets with other users. You can add presets created by other users to your preset library using the iOS Share Extension feature.


arrow_forward Click here for the manual...